David-Horodok marks 900 years

by Zivony Shiffman

October 7, David-Gorodok.

From noisy fair " The are rich, the and are glad " began since the earliest morning of October 7 in David-Gorodok the large holiday.

The ancient city marked 900 years from time of the basis. In the program of a holiday - job "Cities of the foremen", numerous exhibitions, performance of original creative collectives. The central place of realization of celebrations became glorified Castle mountain - rests, saved up to our times, of ancient city, where in 1100 Volynsk prince David has put in pawn a fortress.

From all places of republic in David-Gorodok there have arrived thousand visitors much from which have here patrimonial roots. Was going here of people from others much the occupied items and next areas. Pleasure of a holiday with has arrived to divide with the inhabitants David-Gorodok the president of the country Aleksandr Lukashenko.

The chief of state has taken part in the main anniversary event - meeting and opening of a monument to prince David on the central area of city. And it is perceived here by everything, as one more certificate of attention from the managements of republic to problems of preservation of a historical heritage and spiritual revival of a nation. During stay in David-Gorodok Aleksandr Lukashenko has visited also of objects of industrial and social sphere.

April 19, 2001

"Shtetel of Polesie: a heritage, contemporaryty, prospect ". April 19-20, 2001 organized the International conference to 900 years of David-Gorodok "Shtetel of Polesie: a heritage, contemporaryty, prospect ". Subjects of a conference:

Conferences passed in cities Stolin and David-Gorodok. The conference was organized by the Brest state university. Faculty of a history of the slavic peoples. (Boulevard Kosmonavtov, Brest, 224665, Byelorussia. Ph. 23-01-97; a fax: 23-09-96; e-mail: sukhoy@rest.brsu.brest.by; nikitenkov@brsu.brest.by

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