Manya Novak in WW2

by Zyvony Shiffman

Manya Novak in 1893 has married from David-Gorodok and lived with the husband Moishe-Velvel Shiffman in Turov (near to David-Gorodok). Moishe-Velvel Shiffman in Turov had a tannery, where with the son was engaged in manufacture and trade of a leather. After the new socialist authority him for it was established have deprived of the suffrages (as individual proprietor). Because of it all ways to his children to study were closed. Therefore he has moved with the wife in 1927 to Crimea in the Jewish collective farm near Evpatoria and has constructed to itself there house (he, by the way, is whole till now) and worked in collective farm, and children could enter to study in a technical school in Feodosiya. At the end of 30 years he has returned back in Turov, where continued to live the son Aizik with family, and in Crimea there was a senior son Pinya with family. Other children worked or studied in other cities. The son Oscar has left for Canada in Winnipeg. In 1932 in family there was a first misfortune - was lost at accident the son Isaac, which studied in Dnepropetrovsk. The daughter Sheva in 1930 has married and lived in Roslavl near Smolensk, before war send in marriage to daughter Atya (lived in Leningrad), Bronya (lived in Dnepropetrovsk), Shifra (lived in Kiev). The sons Boris and Haim studied in Smolensk, the grandson Arkady studied in Moscow in building institute. By 1941 at Manya and Moishe-Velvel there were already 16 grandsons. In the summer 1941 daughters Bronya and Atya with the child - son Ilya have arrived in the visitors to the parents in Turov.

On the 22th of June, 1941, Nazi Germany invaded Soviet Union and the war began. At once have left in army to be at war with a fascism the sons: Boris, Haim, Aizik, Pinya, sons - in - law Gregory, Aaron, Leonid, grandson Arkady. Nazi occupied Turau and David-Gorodok on the 14th of July, 1941. The fascists destroyed Turau and David-Gorodok jewish community.

Atya Shiffman recollects: - " the History of our sufferings in time 2 World Wars is very great. When the fascists have begun to bombard Turov and David-Gorodok that first of all they bombarded all bridges through the river Pripyat. We ran on foot under bombardment . On a road many people and horse carts were going, and Germans us caught up and bombarded. Our father Moishe-Velvel was vigorous and active. Around of him the people were going and he was our "guidebook". We long went on foot until then have not reached yet railway station Gomel. Then on all country too under bombardment us transported by rail in railway cars for cattle. Then on Caucasus again it was necessary to go on foot and us overtook from a place on a place. On Caucasus Manya in a case has met the four grandsons - children of Pinya, which ran from Crimeas. Their mother Rachel was perished from bombardment at evacuation near to Sochi , and the father was missing in fights at a defense of Crimea. Children were hungry, they had nothing to eat. But the grandmother with nothing could them feed. The food was not.We by months wandered, until then have not got yet in Baku. A lot of people there was going. We lived and spent the night in the street open-air. Were ready to eat any any food, but it was not. There was a strong famine. Last that had sold to buy a piece of bread. I went with the baby along the street being strongly ill and I have lost consciousness. In some days I have come to oneself in hospital and there have said that I have remained a miracle is alive. Then I began to search for the child, but me have said that he was strongly sick and has died. I nearly have not lost mind and reason. I searched for the child on all city, but me anybody nothing could about him say. And then my parents at once have died. The father Moishe-Velvel has died on September 19 in Baku from malaria and him have buried in vicinities of Baku in a village of the Mountains Jews in 4 kms from station Beledje. The mum has died on December 8 in hospital in Baku from dysentery. I have remained one with the sister Bronya and to not die with famine and to have a roof above a head we worked at different heavy jobs. So all 4 years of war we was tortured and suffered. It is terrible to recollect this time".

atya Shiffman 1937
Atya Shiffman 1937
Atya Shiffman now
Atya Shiffman now

In war have perished or were missing at the front, have died of illnesses, famine, at bombardment, in evacuation for rescue from the Holocaust 10 members of the large family Shiffman. 11 males - members of family went in army by the soldiers and officers, were on fronts of war and struggled with a fascism. See detailed table