Voices from the Past

Hear tales told by people born in David-Horodok about the town in their day

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  1. Bessie (Bossel Eisenberg) Davidson discusses:
    1. Zionism and its relation to cheder (300K)
    2. The abdication of the Tsar and Kerenski's Revolution (1M)
    3. Violence and the killing of a priest (500K)
    4. Balakovitzes (a white Russian paramilitary group) during the WWI (1.4M)
    5. Polish Officers killing her Onkel Yankel (600K)
  2. Anne (Hanne Granader) Spielberg discusses:
    1. Her education and leaving for Argentina (400K)
    2. The custom of walking on The Greble on Shabbes (600K)
    3. Why her parents left for Israel (1.1M)
    4. Germans during WWI and WWII (400K)
    5. Description of David-Horodok (750K)00K)
    6. Charity in David-Horodok (600K)
    7. The Volunteer Firemen (600K)
    8. Relationship with the gentiles and family servants (1.2M)
    9. Housework (500K)
    10. Her house in David-Horodok (600K)
    11. Leasing Nirtcha and the marriage of her mother and aunt (1M)
  3. Ann (Osnay Gelman) Korman discusses:
    1. Seeing Baytzl Dovidov, the local Jewish druggist, killed during the WWI (600K)
    2. Balakovitzes searching their home for valuables to steal (600K)
    3. The Tzaddik who saved her brother's life (1.25M)
    4. Why her parents came to America (300K)
    5. One of her first forays into charity (900K)
    6. Swimming in the Horin River (400K)
    7. Getting typhus (500K)
    8. Early learning experiences (950K)
    9. The mud in David-Horodok (900K)
  4. Ann (Hanche Pinsker) Komisar discusses:
    1. Getting to America (1.8M)
    2. Making a living during WWI (950K)
    3. Learning to read and write from Frumke the Letterwriter (700K)
    4. Cossacks beating her mother (1.1M)
  5. Annie (Nechama Eisenberg) Zemmol discusses:
    1. Relations with the Germans during WWI (200K)
    2. Getting to America (300K)
    3. Early learning (600K)
    4. Becoming an apprentice seamstress (300K)
    5. Keeping warm with no money to buy wood (1.25M)
    6. Her experience with the soldiers during WWI (1.9M)
    7. The rabbis of David-Horodok (750K)
    8. Her grandfather's kretchne (tavern) (700K)
    9. The town and the river (1.2M)
    10. Strolling on The Greble and her aunt's life on The Greble (850K)
  6. Ann (Hashke Glassman) Helman discusses:
    1. How weddings were made in David-Horodok (1M)
    2. Russians menacing her future husband and killing Baytzl Dovidov, the local Jewish druggist (750K)
    3. Balakovitzes demanding whiskey from her mother (600K)
    4. Ida Lewis's aunts changing houses every year (800K)
    5. Mud during Simcha Toreh (200K)
    6. Hand-made clothes in the shtetl (400K)

Interviewer: Kathryn T. Wilson, who also recorded them